Chemical processes have started on Earth more than 4,5 billion years ago. Along with them, life and humankind appeared. A man planted seed, processed stone, conquered land and ocean. We are just a little part of this development, but still, for more than 20 years already, we have been stepping forward and forward.

To Our New Partners

We are glad to welcome you at our website.

For about 25 years, we have been one of the key suppliers of chemical products for all industrial and agricultural branches in Belarus, covering more than 3000 customers.

We are in constant search of new suppliers of various chemicals demanded by the Belarusian economy. Many top-brand world manufacturers, such as BASF, AkzoNobel, Etiproducts, Solvay, etc. have already chosen us as their permanent partner, and have never regretted it. We possess all required assets, such as our own transport, equipped warehouses, and working capital allowing to credit our customers. Our creditability can be confirmed not only by our partners, but also can be verified with European insurance companies, such as KUKE (Poland), KUPEG (Czech Republic), etc.

The capacity of the Belarusian market is high and promising. To get a significant share of it, you need to have a reliable local partner with years of experience and excellent business reputation. We are looking forward to start our cooperation with you!

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